HeartSine samaritan Pediatric-Pak


This product is currently on backorder from the manufacturer.

The HeartSine Pediatric Pad-Pak cartridge is for use with HeartSine Samaritan AEDs, when treating a child under eight years old or less than 55 lbs. The cartridge provides over six hours of monitoring or 30 shocks, and delivers reduced energy weight-appropriate shock for a child that is in sudden cardiac arrest.

Not sure which HeartSine Samaritan Pediatric Pad-Pak you need?

Refer to our AED pad & battery guide

HeartSine AEDs operate only with their own Pad-Pak® technology, incorporating both electrodes and batteries together in one cartridge. The single use cartridge must be replaced after use, but carries a four-year industry first shelf life.

AED Management is simplified with the combined pad and battery expiration date.

Compatible with PEDIATRIC HeartSine SAM300P. SAM350P, SAM450P.

HeartSine Forward Hearts Program

What's Included with the HeartSine Pediatric Pad-Pack?

  • Electrode pads for children with a battery
  • Six hours of continuous monitoring, or 30 shocks
  • Free Shipping

It is smart to always have available electrode pads ready in any situation. The Heartsine Samaritan Pediatric-Pak has a long shelf life so you can buy now and save for the future!


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