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Life Safety Station


Equip your public space with bleeding control equipment, tools for CPR, an AED, and any other medical kits or devices - all in one space. The adjustable shelving allows for clearly marked and organized modular-style kits that are separated for fast identification and access. The internal shelving can be arranged in variety of configurations to fit your needs. Ideal for schools, places of worship, office buildings, community centers and more.


American made and created out of high strength polycarbonate.

Unique shelving design has three vertical and three horizontal configurations to fit any size of AED on the market with space for many other life-saving equipment options (Can create 9 total different configurations).

The enclosure is airtight, watertight and will protect equipment indoor or outdoor all year round.

Two polycarbonate latches are easy to open but maintain a tight seal to keep equipment safe

The enclosure is prominently labeled on three sides displaying “Life Safety Station” for easy recognition of Life Safety Equipment.

Clear polycarbonate front-glass is virtually indestructible, keeps the equipment safe but allows for a clear view of the equipment inside.

Integrated mounting flanges eliminate the need to attach additional brackets to the enclosure.

Mounting screws and anchors come with the enclosure.


Dimensions: 21-3/4" height X 17-1/2" width X 8" depth (internal)
Dimensions: 24" height X 21" width X 9.5" depth (external)
Dimensions: 13” height X 11” width X 7 ¼ depth (largest adjustable shelving space)
Dimensions: 8.25” Height X 6.25 Width X 7 ¾ Depth (smallest adjustable shelving space)
Weight: 22 lbs 6.6 oz


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