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Philips HeartStart Configuration Software


The Philips HeartStart AED Configuration Software, v3.1 is used with the IR Reader to change or review the AED configuration. Shock sequence, CPR Timer, Pause Timer and Voice Prompts Options can be programmed. The Configuration Software is used to configure device operation, self-test options, patient care, defibrillation, advanced mode, date, time and more.

Instructions for HeartStart OnSite to sync configuration and either send or receive with the IR Reader:

Put the OnSite AED in Administration Mode, remove the pads and hold down the blue I button until it chirps three times and says “Administration”. Push the blue button one more time for “Mode 1”

Instructions for FRx:

  • Remove the pads connector
  • Hold down the blue I button until the AED chirps and says “Administration.

Instructions for the FR3 AED:

  • Configure Software is used with the FR3 Data Card to change the configuration of the new
  • HeartStart FR3 AEds. The Configure Software is used with the FR3 Data Card to change the configuration of the new HeartStart FR3 AED. Configure is used to change languages into Spanish or a variety of other languages.  Configure Software is also used to set the FR3 metronome to "on".  And it is used to make changes to many other optional configurations of the new FR3.
  • Configure 3.1 is also used to import a configuration file to your computer for future use or to save onto an FR3 data card.
  • HearStart Configure will operate on Windows 7, Windows XP and 8.1
  • It includes a User’s Guide in English, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Spanish

Philips HeartStart AED Configuration Software is compatible with Philips HeartStart OnSite AED, HeartStart FRx AED and new HeartStart FR3 AED.


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