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Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Q-CPR Bundle Assembly


The Q-CPR Bundle Assembly for the FR3 AED, with the included items, provides real time CPR feedback during a sudden cardiac arrest. CPR instruction is in accordance with current CPR Guidelines, the CPR Meter displays feedback for correction of depth, release and rate of chest compressions with visual indicators to inform rescuer of good CPR delivery or where to make corrections. The Q-CPR Bundle Assembly prompts rescuers when hyperventilation is detected, and has a visual notification for lack of expected CPR activity.

If the Philips FR3 Data Card is installed, along with HeartStart Event Review or HeartStart Event Review Pro Software, records of CPR Data for review are available. Interchangeable during patient hand-off to a Philips MRx Monitor Defibrillator equipped with Q-CPR Technology.

The Q-CPR Bundle Assembly for Philips HeartStart FR3 AED includes:

  • CPR Meter
  • Cable link
  • CPR Meter cradle for rigid case
  • 5-pack of patient adhesives and localized user documentation

Compatible with Philips HeartStart FR3 Text (861388) and ECG (861389) models with PR2.0 or higher software


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