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Philips OnSite Adult Training Cartridge with Pad Placement Guide


There are two ways to train students on the HeartStart OnSite AED. One option is to convert the live OnSite AED into a training device by installing the HeartStart OnSite Adult TRAINING Cartridge in the AED. This converts the HeartStart OnSite AED into a training device. A “training mode” is activated once the TRAINING cartridge is installed, preventing the AED’s ability to deliver a shock during training. The AED provides voice instruction that includes CPR instruction. Students can be trained on 8 separate training scenarios.

The Adult OnSite Training Cartridge can also be used with the standalone OnSite Trainer.  The training pad cartridge is designed for use with a training manikin by using the Adult Pad Placement Guide that comes included with the training pads, or by adding the External Manikin Adapter or Internal Manikin Adapter.

Compatible with the HeartStart OnSite AED.



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