Physio-Control Infant/Child Electrode Starter Kit


Intended use for infant/child under the age of 8 years and weighing less than 55 lbs Compatible with LIFEPAK 500, LIFEPAK 1000 and LIFEPAK CR Plus AEDs with the pink connector (standard on AEDs manufactured after 8/9/02 or any LIFEPAK CR Plus of LIFEPAK 1000 AED).

This reduced energy pediatric Infant/Child Electrode Starter Kit is designed for children under the age of 8 years and weighing less than 55 lbs (25kg). The pediatric electrode pad is smaller than the adult pad and reduces the energy dose by a factor of four, delivering a pediatric appropriate dosage of 50, 75, 86J versus adult dosage of 200, 300, 360J.

Biphasic LIFEPAK 500 AEDs that do not have the pink inner lining on the AED’s electrode receptacle can be upgraded to accept the lower energy pediatric child electrodes.

The Kit includes:

  • 1 pair of infant/child electrode pads
  • Storage pouch with cloth handle
  • Safety instructs and labels

**THE LIFEPAK 500 AED must have a PINK connector to be able to use Pediatric Electrode Pads.

Stryker Free Pad-Pak Program


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