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Physio-Control LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System - Encore Series (Refurbished)



LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System

Deliver consistent, high-quality chest compressions with the LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System. This system ensures continuous chest compressions in challenging situations, adhering to regularly updated guidelines.

Why Choose LUCAS?

  • Pioneer in Mechanical CPR: LUCAS stands out as the first mechanical CPR device, setting the standard in the industry.
  • Trustworthiness: With a legacy of over 15 years, 24,000 devices in action, and 200+ research studies, trust LUCAS from emergency onset to hospital care.

Benefits of LUCAS CPR Device:

  • Enhanced Outcomes: Achieve higher survival rates and nearly 100% positive neurological results in trials compared to manual CPR.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Minimize human errors in chaotic rescue situations, allowing first responders to concentrate on other crucial rescue tasks.
  • Optimized Blood Flow: LUCAS ensures better blood circulation to the brain and heart.
  • Consistent Performance: LUCAS maintains the compression rate and depth, reducing interruptions, even during long-hour rescues.
  • Focused Rescue: Reduce the stress of manual CPR and concentrate on treating the root cause.
  • Efficient Teamwork: LUCAS acts as a dependable team member, facilitating rescuers in managing other emergency tasks.
  • Guided Resuscitation: LUCAS instructs on ventilation timings and offers post-event performance reports for team improvement.
  • Secure Transport: Avoid awkward postures while delivering CPR in moving vehicles.
  • Reduction in Rescuer Injuries: Ensure a safer rescue environment, minimizing risks to first responders.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Configuration: Customize your LUCAS via the LIFENET system, adjusting compression rate, depth, CPR timer, ventilation alerts, and more.
  • Coaching Capabilities: Get a post-event report for performance reviews.
  • Fleet Management: Monitor the status and maintenance needs of your LUCAS devices with LIFENET.
  • Innovative Design: Compact, lightweight, and piston-driven with a suction cup for guided compressions.

LUCAS History:

From its inception in the 1990s inspired by a Norwegian paramedic to the launch of LUCAS 3 in 2016, LUCAS has been at the forefront of mechanical CPR evolution. With continuous research and technological advancements, LUCAS has consistently saved lives.

Behind the Name:

LUCAS symbolizes more than just a device. Representing Lund University Cardiac Assist System, it's a crucial team member in life-saving missions.

What's Included with LUCAS 2?

Every LUCAS 2 system comes with the following items:

  • two suction cups
  • battery
  • patient straps
  • stabilization strap
  • carrying case
  • LUCAS2 user manual

The LUCAS Aux Power Supply is sold separately and is available to add on to your order by selecting a charging option before adding to your cart.


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  1. Lucas II
    We actually have not used it on a call yet, but have used it for training. Department seems happy with the purchase though!
    Physio-Control LUCAS 2 Chest Compression System - Encore Series (Refurbished)

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1 Item

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