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ZOLL AED Plus AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Single Kit


This ZOLL AED Plus Upgrade Kit updates your AEDs with the American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 Guidelines. These current guidelines install the new Real CPR Help on your AED, making it AHA compliant, and direct rescuers to deliver chest compressions that reach a depth of at least two inches (eliminating the “Give Breath” icon and instruction).

The ZOLL AED Plus Upgrade Kit will upgrade multiple ZOLL AED Plus devices to the new AED Plus version (Software v6.24) by installing the ZOLL Administration Software on your PC and using an IrDA infrared cable for data transfer. The cable allows the PC and the AED Plus to communicate and download the new Guidelines on your AED Plus. (Most PCs have the IR Port built in, but if yours does not you can order the IR cable from us.) However, the Upgrade Kit has only 1 set of Overlay Stickers to modify to the CPR AHA Guidelines.

Included in the Kit:

  • ZOLL Administrative Software (ZAS) CD (Revision G) – Can be used to upgrade multiple units but kit only includes 1 set of Overlay Stickers. Windows PC is required (not compatible with Mac OS).
  • Upgrade Instructions
  • One Set of Icon Stickers (to modify the icons on the face of the AED Plus)
  • Upgrade Form (to be submitted to ZOLL after upgrading the AED Plus)


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