ZOLL AED Plus Battery Replacements



Make sure your AED is ready in case of emergency with ZOLL AED Plus batteries from AED.us. These 123 Lithium Batteries come in a set of 10 and last up to five years once installed or 10 years on the shelf. Keep reading below to learn more about the ZOLL AED Plus battery replacement process or reach out to our team of experts at 888-652-1882 with any questions. Plus, earn free shipping on orders over $99!

Not sure which battery you need?

Refer to our AED pad & battery guide.

Although the batteries in your ZOLL AED Plus should last up to five years, it's important to have replacements on hand when the time comes or after the AED has been used in a cardiac event. Follow these steps to replace the batteries properly:

  1. Remove the backplate on your AED. Insert a key or coin into the two slits on the bottom of your unit to loosen the backplate.
  2. Take out the old batteries and set them aside.
  3. Insert each new ZOLL AED Plus battery, beginning with the outer four on each side followed by the middle two last.
  4. Wait 10 seconds for a prompt to press the button above the two center batteries. This tells your AED that new batteries are installed.
  5. Replace the back cover.



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