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ZOLL AED Plus Battery Replacement Pack


Zoll AED Plus Battery Replacements:
Power Packed Rescues For The Next 5 Years!

  • Designed to last 5 years once installed, as long as the Zoll AED Plus passes monthly self-tests.
  • Charged by the Zoll AED Plus itself through an internal charging circuit when the batteries are installed.
  • Battery chemistry allows the Zoll AED Plus to operate in extreme cold and heat.
  • Built-in safety mechanisms like thermal monitoring to prevent overheating, overcharging or short circuits.



ZOLL AED Plus Battery Replacement Pack Details

There’s nothing to give you more peace of mind than knowing you have the power to make a save at a moment’s notice, thanks to these superior AED replacement batteries with an industry-leading lifespan from Zoll.

Favorite Feature: Lasts Up to 10 Years on the Shelf

Not only does each 10-pack of Zoll AED Plus batteries last up to five years, but an underrated feature is that they can also last up to 10 years on the shelf. Why does that 10-year span matter?

Naturally, it’s critical to have a fresh set of 123 Lithium batteries installed today so your Zoll AED Plus is ready to perform in a cardiac event. But once they’re used for that event, you’ll want to install a new set of batteries immediately so you aren’t risking another second being without power for your AED.

That’s where people can frequently let their battery supply lapse, forgetting to order their next set of Zoll AED Plus battery replacements. Don’t make the same mistake!

Order a backup Zoll AED Plus battery set with your order, so you have the next save and the save after that well covered.

That’s called smart planning and someone in need will be forever grateful you’re being that proactive.

How To Change The Batteries In A Zoll AED Plus:

1. Open the battery compartment lid on the back of the AED unit by pressing the latch.

2. Remove the old battery pack by grasping the bottom case and pulling it out.

3. Check that the new Zoll AED Plus batteries are not damaged and is within the expiration date printed on the label.

4. Insert the new battery pack into the battery compartment and push it firmly until the latch at the top clicks into place.

5. Ensure the battery compartment lid is secured and closed properly after installing the new battery.

6. Once closed, the AED will run automatic self-tests to check the battery installation and overall function.

7. Confirm that the status indicator on the AED shows a green check mark or “OK” to indicate that the new batteries were accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoll AED Plus Batteries

Can I use any lithium batteries for the Zoll AED Plus?

No. This battery pack model of Duracell type 123 lithium batteries is specifically designed and tested to power the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator.

Should Zoll AED Plus batteries be removed for charging?

No, Zoll AED Plus batteries are designed to always remain in the AED. When installed, they charge through an internal circuit and should never be removed as it will discharge them faster.

How do I safely dispose of a Zoll AED Plus battery set?

The safest way to dispose of your AED Plus batteries is to utilize our AED Battery Recycling program (not toss them in the trash or a recycling bin). This program will help you fully discharge the batteries and ship one battery per box to us. If you have more than one battery to ship to us, you can package the batteries in a box in which they do not make contact with each other during shipping.

For more answers to the top questions we’ve received at AED.US on Zoll AED Plus batteries, check out our blog, “6 Life-Saver Answers On Zoll AED Plus Battery Replacement.”

The Power Of Full Support When You Need It Most

If you have questions about ZOLL AED Plus batteries, there’s a good chance you’ll also have a question or two about the ZOLL AED Plus, pads and other accessories. Which is good because you’re asking the very best people about that. At AED.US, we know more about the ZOLL products, features and training it takes to uplevel your environment for safety than just about anyone. So talk to our experts at 888-652-1882 and feel rescue ready today.


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