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ZOLL R Series Defibrillator (Refurbished)


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Did you know that 80% of in-hospital cardiac cases present with a "non-shockable" rhythm? This means these patients require life-saving CPR. Luckily, the ZOLL R Series defibrillator is the perfect aid for guiding users through the highest quality CPR, featuring both audio and visual direction. Survival can depend on administering CPR at the correct speed and depth, and the ZOLL R Series See-Thru CPR™ technology provides assessments on the proper rate and depth of compression to deliver to the patient. This can prevent stress and interruptions and save time in life-or-death situations where every second is precious. This easy-to-follow, novice-friendly device can also aid bystanders in emergency rescues, bringing calm to what can be a chaotic situation.

For patients that require both CPR and shock, the R Series is always Code-Ready, indicated by its easy-to-ready green check mark, performing daily automatic self-tests. Continue reading below to learn more about the features of the ZOLL R Series defibrillator.

The ZOLL R Series defibrillator is "Simple, Smart, and Ready."

  • Simple: The Zoll R Series requires only one therapy cable for defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing. The OneStep™ Complete Resuscitation Electrode has three built-in leads in the pad which simplify and streamline therapy if the patient requires pacing immediately after resuscitation.
  • Smart: Real CPR Help™ provides real-time high-quality CPR delivery, with See-Thru CPR® and CPR Dashboard™ technology. The R Series also recognizes the OneStep Pediatric electrode, automatically sensing the need for lower energy settings to 50 Joules to prevent overdosing energy to child patients.
  • Ready: The R Series performs a daily automatic self-test. When the readiness indicator has the green check mark visible, the defibrillator is ready to perform.

The Zoll R Series Defibrillator/Monitor includes the following options:

  • Real CPR Help™ for Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Code-Readiness Testing System
  • Rectilinear Biphasic Technology
  • OneStep 3-Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) Cable with AHA color-coded lead wires
  • Advisory Defibrillation
  • Compact Flash Card & USB Port
  • 5-Year Hospital Warranty
  • 5.8 Ah Lithium Ion Battery Sold Separately

Physical Description & Characteristics

  • (H x W x D) 20.8 cm x 26.7 cm x 31.7 cm; 8.2" x 10.5" x 12.5"
  • Weight: 6.2 kg; 13.6 lbs with cable and battery pack

All Encore Series monitors & defibrillators go through our meticulous multi-point biomedical inspection.


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