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**This item currently has a national backorder from the manufacturer. We are working closely with them on a weekly basis and will fulfill orders as soon as the manufacturer is able to provide this product.**

The first and only AED with high-resolution video display. Field proven, award-winning and easy to use design with more information at the rescuer’s fingertips features color video on the VIEW and ECG Waveform Display on the ECG model.

This AED has been approved by the FAA with a Technical Standard Order (TSO) Certificate and you will receive this document with your AED. “TSO is a minimum performance standard issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for specified materials, parts, processes and applications used on civil aircraft” meaning that both the design and production of the AED is TSO approved and safe for in-flight use.

The Defibtech VIEW/ECG AED is the next generation of the Defibtech Lifeline AED. Adding the color video screen and ECG Display to this semi-automatic biphasic AED brings versatility to a whole new level. Trained responders will appreciate the benefits of seeing real time data in full motion, high resolution color video. Lay person rescuers will be equally comfortable listening to and following voice and video prompts through the rescue process. The Defibtech Lifeline View brings the new video display and the Lifeline ECG adds the ECG data, as well as the ability to easily move between rescue protocols.

What's included:

  • Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG AED with 8-year Warranty
  • One Set of Adult Electrode Pads
  • TSO Aviation Long-Life Battery Pack with 4-year Warranty
  • Operating Guide
  • Quick Start Reference Card
  • Customer Documentation CD
  • Defibtech Event Review Software
  • Premium AED/CPR Responder® Pack
  • “AED Equipped” Window/Wall Decal
  • AED Inspection Tag
  • Physician’s Prescription
  • Free Shipping

A rundown of the impressive features on the Lifeline VIEW/ECG AEDs:
Interestingly, this new evolution of the Lifeline AED (VIEW/ECG) has a smaller footprint than the original Lifeline model, showcasing the company’s ability to not only innovate and add newly available technology and useful features to this life-saving medical device but to improve on the footprint and overall function.

Physical Description and Characteristics:

  • 7.3” X 9.5” X 2.3”
  • Weigh: Less than 3 lbs

The full color interactive video display screen (3” X 2.25”) is a feature that first responders were pleased to see come to life in this Lifeline VIEW AED. During a rescue, this feature provides detailed instructions for each step of the rescue process: CPR, rescue breathing and AED function. Lifeline ECG, while in AED Mode provides critical CPR instruction with the ability to select coaching without breathing or to select the option to have both breathing and compression instruction. The Lifeline ECG’s durability sets a high bar in the industry, with performance ratings that are ideal for use in military combat, on jet aircraft and in helicopters. Hot and cold temperature variance makes it even more versatile. Both the Lifeline VIEW and the ECG allow for using either the AHA approved “hands only” style CPR as well as rescue breathing PLUS compressions. Both models are semi-automatic and pediatric capable. Each have pre-connected adult pads (2 years) and battery pack (4 years) expiration dates programmed in, and if either need replacing, the display status screen will alert you.

Maintenance and Management for your Defibtech Lifeline AEDs:

All AEDs require regular maintenance and management to ensure that the AED will perform during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The electrodes and batteries must be tracked for expiration dates and replacement. Your organization should have one person in charge of this very important task and be able to access records demonstrating maintenance and oversight. With our myAED AED Management Program you can rest assured that your AED will be rescue-ready at all times.

Alternate part numbers: DCF-A2313EN, DCF-A2313EN-CC, DCF-A2463EN, DCF-A2463EN-CC, , DCF-A2413EN, DCF-A2413EN-CC


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