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ZOLL AED Plus "All-You-Need" Value Package


ZOLL AED Plus "All-You-Need" Value Package

Comprehensive Components

The ZOLL AED Plus "All-You-Need" Value Package is not just another medical device. It's a complete set that ensures maximum efficiency and preparedness during emergencies.

The ZOLL AED Plus "All-You-Need" Value Package includes:

  • ZOLL AED Plus: This is the central component, designed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver life-saving shocks in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Alarmed Cabinet: This secure housing ensures that the AED remains in optimal condition, ready for use, while its alarm feature ensures unauthorized access is deterred and a quick response is facilitated.
  • Carrying Case: Durably constructed and ergonomically designed, this carrying case ensures that the AED can be transported to any location with ease.
  • Batteries: Uses 10 Lithium 123 Type batteries, a reliable, long-lasting power source (5 years) ensures that the AED remains operational when needed the most.
  • Adult CPR-D Pads (2 sets) and Pediatric Pads: Catering to both adult and young patients, these pads ensure that the right amount of electrical current is delivered.
  • AED/CPR Rescue Kit: This contains essential items that might be needed during a resuscitation attempt, such as gloves, razor, and a face shield.
  • AED Inspection Tag: A crucial tool for regular maintenance checks, ensuring that the AED is always in its best condition.
  • Window Decal: Raising awareness about the presence of an AED in the vicinity, ensuring quicker accessibility during emergencies.
  • Physician's Prescription: This vital document authenticates the legitimacy and necessity of the AED.
  • AED Wall Poster: An important visual tool to help with responding to a cardiac emergency.
  • myAED AED Management Program: A comprehensive program offering tools, resources, and support to ensure that your AED is always ready for use.

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